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Ayurvedic therapy is attracting many visitors to palm-fringed, coastal Kerala, an enchanting Indian state hugging the western seaboard of India, far south of Goa. Millions of tourists visit different ayurveda resorts in Kerala “God’s Own Country,” and take part of their medicinal and healing facilities. Health tourism is certainly getting a good boost from Kerala Ayurveda. Several airlines fly directly into Trivandrum airport, Kerala, or one can enter India through the gateway cities of Mumbai or Madras and transfer to a domestic flight to airports in Kerala.Kerala government has declared the period following Monsoon as the "Monsoon rejuvenation package" as the human body is more open to treatment and naturopathy during the months after rains as it is devoid of unwanted heat.Ayurvedic Massage Ayurvedic massages are administered on selected portions of the human body with specially designated oils to let a person unwind and be at home with his own self. It would reveal that the most commonly administered oil massages are the rejuvenating herbal massages, which are administered to the tourists once a week, followed by a steam bath in herbal solutions. Special ayurveda massages would enable a tourist relieve stress, gives peace of mind and good healthy body.In Ayurveda, not only the study the mind, body and spirit has to be done but also the diet and lifestyle before giving treatment. Each person is a unique personality and this has to be taken into account.There are three doshas or equilibrium mechanisms of the body, known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which must be in balance for a harmonious life. With a prayer to Lord Dhanvanthari, the god of Ayurveda, the massage starts from hair to lathering body with warm, fragrant oils prescribed by a doctor. Questions are asked about patient’s health, even if it is a single Rejuvenation Treatment so that they can choose from a wide range of herbal oils. Stretched on the slippery wooden table with protective rims, the heated coconut-based oil is lavished in firm with hands, sweeping gestures along the limbs firmly to trace the blood channels in a 45-minute procedure that was more a deep application than a massage. The session ends with an aromatic steambath and a shower from which emerges with a great sense of well being. Two-hour bath and exfoliation package that included the instilling of medicated oils in the nose, ears and mouth. Holding oil in one’s mouth is not palatable but is said to strengthen the teeth. Kerala’s serenity is not only derived from a sylvan landscape of coconut palms and azure waters but its holistic way of life. Ayurveda or the Knowledge of Life (Ayur means life and Veda knowledge) is a natural healing system that treats the individual rather than the disease. Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old healing science, believes that the human body operates in cycles that occur in multiples of seven. Thus, treatment packages are planned over a period of exactly 7, 14, 21 or 35 days. In Kerala, oil application has an important role in human life and from birth the baby is smeared in oil. Ayurveda believes that even the narrowest passageways of the body need to be routinely cleansed. Dhara treatment or pouring a steady stream of medicated oil or buttermilk on the forehead is only introduced in 21-day or 35-day packages. This therapy, prescribed for problems related to the nervous system, is highly specialized.For more information, please visit Kerala Tourism website: Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments, Services & Facilities Classical herbal medicines, therapeutic massage treatments, rejuvenation, panchakarma, herbal remedies, health supplements, herbs, beauty care products, massage oils and much more. Ayurvedic Medical Tourism is organized by different tour organizations in association with specialty clinics, hospitals, resorts, retreats and spas in Kerala. Ayurvedic massage therapies and Panchakarma Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete medical system of India for over 5,000 years. It focuses the healing on all aspects of the body and mind. Ayurvedic treatments are based on the application of various natural healing methods including massage, Panchakarma, detoxification, rejuvenation, herbs, herbal formulations, medicated oils, diet, lifestyle, exercise, yoga and meditation. Ayurvedic massage is more of a treatment for certain health conditions and various age related disorders wherein the toxins that are deep-rooted in the tissues and joints are loosened through the massage. In Ayurveda, Panchakarma, a unique concept, uses a series of techniques to purify the body, with the goal of expelling the toxins which cause the disease. Pancha karma is also helpful to rejuvenate the body, since it restores health and balance to the body.Ayurveda emphasizes prevention of disease, rejuvenation of our body systems, and extension of life span. Ayurvedic practices help to maintain health, reduce stress, and improve flexibility, strength, and stamina. Ayurvedic Medicine works. It is without doubt the most practical and sensible medical system in the world. Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments Most of the Ayurvedic oil massage therapies come from the Ayurvedic traditions originating in the area of India known as Kerala. It has modulated many of the techniques to suit the needs of patients and to cure diseases. They include synchronized massage therapies and fomentation. Abhyngam, Pizhichil, Navarakkizhi, Shirodhara, Shirovasti, Pichu are some of the special Kerala Ayurveda treatments that aim at providing rejuvenation, longevity and relaxation to the stressed and strained. Panchakarma treatments like Kashayavasthy, Snehavasthy, Nasyam, Virechanam and Raktamoksham all are widely practiced in the Kerala Ayurveda system. It has been proved time and again that Kerala special ayurvedic treatments have been most successful for Joint problems like Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Back Pain, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbago and Sciatica; Headaches and Migraine, Anxiety, Stress, Diabetes, Depression and Insomnia; Nervous problems like Stroke and Epilepsy; Digestive disorders like Indigestion, Acidity, Constipation and Piles; Skin disorders like Scabies, Eczema, Allergy, Psoriasis, Acne Marks, Pimples, Foot Cracks, Discoloration of Skin, Scars due to Injury etc.; Eye sight related problems, Hair Loss and Dandruff; Gynecological problems like Irregular Menstrual Cycles and Leucorrhoea, Urinary Tract Infections, Anemia, Debility and General Health Care etc. Ayurvedic products Kerala, situated in the tropical region, has an unparalleled herbal wealth compared to other parts of India. Kerala Ayurveda has evolved its own herbal products that are superior in effect and result. Kerala’s forests and hilly tracts nurture an abundance of herbs, creepers, plants and trees, extremely valuable in preparing Ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurvedic treatment facilities Kerala has the best facilities for Ayurvedic treatments for providing specialized treatments to patients who have chronic illness that have been failed to cure by modern medicine. Kerala has ayurvedic centres with a panel of expert Ayurvedic practitioners, specialty clinics and hospitals, ayurvedic resorts, ayurveda retreats and traditional institutions that can offer expert consultation, authentic treatments, facilities for indoor stay and treatments with high standard of hygiene and quality of performance. Ayurvedic Clinics and Spas in Kerala offer treatments such as Abhyangam, Shiro Dhara, Kati Vasti, Janu Vasti, Greeva Vasti, Ila Kizhi, Podikizhi, Pizhichil (Oil Bath), Navarakizhi, Udvartanam, Shiro Vasti, Netra Tarpanam, Nasyam, Vasti . The clinics have attached herbal medical stores for the supply of Ayurvedic medicines, massage oils, hair oils, eye care and beauty care products and health supplements.

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